2018 Secaucus Summer Camp - Arts & Crafts

Ages and Groups


Room 1 - 4-5-year-olds

Room 2 - 6-7-year-olds

Room 3 - 8 and up

$40 per person for the 7-week program

Hours & Schedules

Session I

9:00-9:15am Sign in/drop off

9:15-10:45am Rotations

10:45-11:00 Sign out/ pickup

Parking may be difficult.

Please allow enough time to pick up your child by the required time. Failure to do so may result in removal of the program

Program takes place at 150 Plaza center 

Children can register for Session I or II not both.

Sessions are interchangeable. Children can come to either session any day of the week throughout the summer.

Session II


Arts & Crafts is a program designed toward children who wish to participate in various activities such as kickball, tag, floor hockey, guard the pins, board games, along with creating crafts.

  • Children will be grouped according to age.
  • Each group will spend 30 minutes in 3 different rooms with counselors. Children must be potty trained to attend.
  • Children will have ID cards which will be REQUIRED everyday.
  • Parents must drop off and pick up the ID card every day. Please laminate we will not supply extras.
  • An adult other than a child’s parent who is picking up their child must supply a written note- NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • Parents/Guardians MUST supply an Emergency phone number on the ID card.
  • Room 1- Board games
  • Room 2- Physical activities in the gym and/or Buchmuller Playground
  • Room 3- Arts & Crafts

Camp Contacts

Michael Pero
Secaucus Recreation Superintendent
(201) 330-2078

Toni Salvatore
Summer Programs Director

Denise Imperato
Pee Wee Patriot Camp Coordinator
(201) 376-0773

Jeanette Rodriguez
Junior Patriot Camp Coordinator
(201) 978-9521

Kathy O’Connell
Senior Camp Coordinator
(201) 852-2221

Lorie Garofalo
Kerry Goldsack
All Abilities Camp Coordinators
(551) 247-1602

Abby Gonzales
All Abilities Parent Liaison
(201) 870-7975

Rules & Guidelines

General Guidelines

The Secaucus Summer Day Camp Program is designed to provide each child with a variety of activities; we want the children to enjoy their camp experience. To ensure the well-being and safety of every child, the below guidelines are to be followed. Please review with your child.


Summer Camp

Starts Monday, July 2nd and ends Friday, August 17th

8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (M-F only)

**Closed Wednesday, July 4th**


Extended Care Program

Starts Monday, July 2nd and ends Friday, August 17th

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (M-F only)

**Closed Wednesday, July 4th**


Daily drop-off and pickup location:  Clarendon Elementary School


Rules for all Campers

1. All Campers must obey and follow directions given by the camp counselors and supervisors.

2. All Campers are prohibited from bringing any dangerous objects/weapons to camp.

3. All Campers must bring at least 2 snacks, a lunch and beverages each day.

4. All Campers must be able to independently dress themselves (unless otherwise specified) and be solely responsible for all their belongings.

5. Campers will be removed from camp immediately if they engage in any type of inappropriate behavior or use foul language.   


***Any violation of the written guidelines, verbal guidelines or a counselor's direction may result in the camper being permanently removed from summer camp. No refunds will be given if a camper is removed from the summer camp program due to any violation of the above guidelines.


For Parents/Guardians

  1. If the child is absent on any given day, no substitutions will be permitted.
  2. Please advise counselors if your child has any allergies or takes any medications.
  3. Please apply sunscreen daily prior to child arriving at camp
  4. Summer Camp begins 8:30 am at Clarendon School. Please DO NOT drop off your child before 8:30 am. Please walk your child into the school and sign in.
  5. Campers not participating in the Extended Care program must be picked up no later than 4:00 pm at Clarendon School.  An additional $25 late fee will be charged each week for any campers picked up after 4:00 pm.
  6. The counselors reserve the right to suspend/expel any camper who displays inappropriate behavior or overt violent tendencies.
  7. Campers must wear their Secaucus Recreation Camp shirt on Field Trip Days.
Parent Guidelines


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