Secaucus Recreation Basketball

Secaucus Recreation Basketball is divided into 4 groups for boys and 4 groups for girls, plus travel teams. 

The age requirements are as follows:

Instructional – K & 1st Grades

Pee Wee – 2nd & 3rd Grades

Junior – 4th, 5th & 6th Grades

Senior – 7th & 8th Grades

Registration for recreation basketball, along with all sports programs, is conducted through Community Pass. 

Basketball Rules

Pee-wee Rules
Game Time:
  • 2 X 16 Minute Running Time Halves
  • The Clock Will Only Stop Inside One (1) Minute Of Each Half, And Overtime
  • If The Score Is A 15 Point Spread Or More The Clock Will Continue To Run Inside (1) Minute At The
  • End Of A Game.

Rotations (Playing Time):
  • All Players Will Be Rotated On Or Around The Nearest Clock Stoppage At
  • Each 4 Minute Sequence.
  • Coaches Will Fill Out A Player Rotation Chart Before
  • Each Game To Be Handed Into The Table Before Tip-off. Rotation Will Continue Into The Second Half.

Players Arriving Late:
  • Coaches Can Choose To Add The Player When He/she Walks In Or Not Until The Second Half.
  • If You Decide To Add In Immediately The Player Goes To The Bottom Of The Rotation.
  • If You Decide To Wait Until Second Half You Can Adjust Your Rotation

Uneven Amount Of Players:
If 1 Team Has More Players Then Their Opponent The Coach With More Player Can Do The Following…
  • If Only Minus 1 Player The Opposing Coach May Pick 1 Player From His Team "Not" In The Last
  • Rotation Of Each Half To Play An Extra Rotation In Place Of Another
  • If Minus More Than 1 The Opposing Coach May Play Whomever They Wish For The Last Rotation Of Each Half.

Players Fouling Out / Ejected / Hurt Or Sick:
  • In These Events, The Next Player On The Rotation Sheet Will Enter The Game.

  • Pee Wee Division Is (1) Ot Period Only
  • 3 Minutes Running Time (Stopping On Each Whistle Inside 1 Minute)
  • Coaches Will Have An Open Bench And Play Who They Wish.
  • Sub's Will Report To Table And Be Allowed To Enter On Dead Balls Only
  • Players Are Permitted To Jump Over The Foul Line On Ft Attempts But Cannot Move From Their Landing
  • Until The Ball Hits The Rim.

Playing Rules:
  • Players Must Play Man To Man Defense Only
  • No Double Teaming Outside Of The Key Area (Allowed Inside The Key)
  • Backcourt Defensive Pressure Is Only Allowed In The Final 10 Seconds - If A Team Is
  • Losing By 3 Points Or Less
  • Teams Are Allowed Three (3) Full Timeouts Per Game.
  • No Carry Over Into Ot - (2) Time Outs Per Team Are Allowed

Free Throws:
  • (7) Players Total (Including The Shooter) Are Permitted On The Foul Line During Shots.
  • Players On The 'key' Can Move On The Release Of The Ball From The Shooter
  • Shooter May 'jump' Over The Line On His/her Shot But Cannot Move Forward Beyond That
  • Until Ball Touches The Rim

Ejection Rules:
  • Any Coach Ejected From A Game Will Serve A (1) Game Suspension.
  • A Second Ejection Will Result In A (2) Game Suspension - A Third Will Result In (3) Games And So On…
  • Any Player Who Receives A Technical Foul Will Not Be Permitted To Play For The Remainder
  • Of That Game
  • Any Player Removed From A Second Game Will Serve A Minimum (1) Game Suspension.
  • Any Additional Tech-fouls After The 2nd May Result In Removal From The League.
Junior Rules
Senior Rules


Girls Basketball Schedules


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